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Bathroom Remodeling

Start Planning Your Bathroom Renovations

A remodeled upscale bathroom can deliver better than a 70 percent return on investment, meaning that if you sold your house within a year of doing the improvement, you could get 70 cents on the dollar for your efforts.

Whether it’s a spruce-up of your current bathroom or a complete redesign, EJD Construction can provide the expertise you need. Our staff consists of remodeling experts and we routinely work with client-selected designs to make your dreams become a reality.

Why Remodel Your Bathroom With Us?​

We are a full-service bathroom remodeler; we have brought together expertise across several disciplines including plumbing, electrical, lighting, and construction, to create a cost-effective, efficient construction process. We provide custom-made luxury bathroom items as well as budget-friendly, made-to-order products and accessories in a wide array of styles and materials. Features offered range from the essential bath, toilet and sink to high-end items such as hot tubs and waterproof electronics.

By choosing EJD Construction for your bathroom renovation needs, you can always rest assured that:

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Miami Bathroom Remodeling

5 Tips to Make the Most of Bathroom Remodeling Project​

Are you looking for a simple renovation for your bathroom such as giving it a facelift, or wish to get a completely new, well-designed, and updated bathroom? Some of you might consider renovating any part of your house only when you decide to sell it; well, apart from enhancing the value of your house, bathroom remodeling can help you get an updated and a well-designed room so that you feel nice in the place you currently live in. Before discussing the tips and suggestions that you should keep in mind while going for a renovation for your bathroom, it is better to understand the benefits of getting your bathroom remodeled. 

Benefits of Bathroom Renovations​

1. Enhances the value of your home – Did you know that just a minor bathroom remodel like replacing the tub, toilet, sink, tiles, floor or the fixtures can give you up to 102% return on sale? Just make sure you choose the best contractor company along with keeping in mind the color and decorating trends of the season. 

2. Save money in the long run – Changing the leaky faucet or installing a water heater and a water-efficient toilet can save you a lot of money in the long run. You can even add up to the energy efficiency of your house, thus saving further on the electricity bill.

3. Get an appealing and relaxing atmosphere – Carrying on your daily ablutions in a messy or congested bathroom can be a source of stress. Going for even minor bathroom renovations can not just help you get an organized bathroom, but also make a small bathroom feel spacious. Opt for options, change the design and upgrade your bathroom to get a real change out there. 

4. Make it look luxurious and modern – Surprisingly, choosing the best of the contractors, you can even bring luxurious fittings making your bathroom attractive, functional and enjoyable. 

5. Declutter your room – Remodeling your washroom can help add storage space by opting for modern solutions like medicine cabinets, storage racks and cabinets of different styles.

Potential Problems With Bathroom Remodeling​

A bathroom renovation will not only add heightened usability and style to your home but also add value to your property. It is advisable to watch out for the expected and potential problems because two major systems, electrical and plumbing are connected with your bathroom.

1. Look out for molds – Molds are likely to develop in damp bathrooms and exposure to these may result in respiratory problems, cough, and wheeze; therefore, before starting a renovation project lookout for molds and eliminate the problem before starting to renovate.

2. Improper installation of the plumbing system – If your original contractor did not install the plumbing system properly, you are going to face practical difficulties during bathroom renovations. So, even if you are planning to change the fixtures or the toilet, it is advisable to call a professional and get your plumbing system checked. 

3. Drainage problems – Poor drainage means clogged pipes or water pooling problem in bathrooms. Before going for the renovation it is advisable to discuss with the contractors about it so that everything gets solved once your bathroom is renovated. 

4. Check ventilation – Improper ventilation can result in tremendous problems in bathrooms. Exhaust fans are extremely important and should be installed in washrooms. If the proper ventilation system is not available in your bathroom, you need to get it done before the renovation process starts. Most contractors nowadays fix existing problems also and will provide an estimated cost for those before starting the project.

Tips for a Successful Bathroom Remodeling Project​

A practical and modern bathroom can make your life easy and comfortable. Here are some tips and tricks for a successful renovation.

1. Plan ahead – It is advisable to plan and check out all possibilities beforehand. Check out the remodel ideas available with the contractor company you have chosen, and pick the one that best fits in your space, home decor, and budget.

2. Fix a budget – Even though you can spend a considerable amount of money, you should fix a budget beforehand. Sit down with the representative of your contractor and work out the cost of material and labor for your project. 

3. Do not rush – Take your time when deciding the color and design of the tiles and analyzing the remodel photo gallery. Also, you should be prepared for having your bathroom haphazard for a few days. Have patience so that you do not rush to get your project finished. 


4. Make a thorough bathroom remodeling plan – Once you have the details in your hand, you should work out an exhaustive bathroom renovation plan. It is good to make the list of things you wish to change even if you are going for a complete renovation. 

This includes anything like the new medicine cabinet, a towel rack or new fixtures, lighting or painting. Also, make a list of contractors whom you would like to consider hiring for the renovation project. 

5. Research well before hiring the contractor – Last but not least, one of the most important points that you should consider for having a successful bathroom renovation is the selection of the right contractor. 

Research well, read the reviews and testimonials from real-time clients of the company before you make the decision. Get quotes from contractors and allow their representative to visit and provide you the estimated cost and time for the renovation of your bathroom.

Is It Time for a Bathroom Renovation?​

As you might see, there are some important details to consider before you finalize the renovation project. Be sure to take your time and take a look at the products available with different contractors. Go through trending remodel ideas and select the one that fits in your needs, wishes, and budget. Try to get some inspiration by visiting different websites and checking out the remodel photo gallery pages of the contractors. 

Don’t hesitate to ask any question you feel like asking regarding the photos available out there. You can even come up with your ideas and discuss its feasibility with the representative. Get ready for a nice, relaxing and spacious bathroom.

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