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Home Additions

Home Additions in Miami Florida​

Nothing adds more value to your home than an addition. A home addition can be an easy and inexpensive way to increase your living space and improve your quality of life. Whether your family is growing or you’d like to boost the resale value of your home you may be considering extending a family room, master bedroom, or adding an in-law apartment. There is no better time than right now to adding more living space to your home. And we can help.

Our team of professionals is committed to sharing your vision. From the initial design to the finished project, our team will work with you to ensure that you receive what you want from the remodeling project. EJD Construction provides quality service and has extensive knowledge in building everything from entertainment rooms to kitchens.

In addition to providing a free estimate, our skilled contractors will help you along by:

You’ll be amazed at how much easier life seems with a little extra space added to your home.

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Miami Home Addition Projects

Increase Property Value With an Addition to Your Home​

As families grow, their needs expand, and that once cherished home becomes inadequate. Suddenly the bathroom becomes too busy or the living room is always full of people. It is during such times you may consider moving to a bigger home, but then again, the stress associated with packing and moving, as well as finding the right buyer for your current home seems unbearable. 

So what do you do? 

As a homeowner, you have more than one option and home addition is one of them. You can expand the size of your home by adding a room or two. Home additions have become very popular with various forms of additions taking center stage. Transforming a garage into additional living space has to be the most popular home additions but there are other types. Depending on your needs you could consider; adding a sunroom, a bump-out addition, dividing a large existing room, or turning an existing space such as a basement into a living space. 

What Happens During a Home Addition?​

The process begins with finding the perfect contractor. A home addition is more or less like constructing a small house. Therefore, the contractor should be conversant with common construction processes like planning, obtaining permits, budgeting, securing the right materials, and execution.

The contractor will assess your existing house, establish your needs, and engage an architect (if need be) to get suitable home addition plans.
You may look at pictures of home additions to get ideas or rely solely on the architect to capture your vision. 

The contractor will then give you a budget estimate and a breakdown of activities involved. Depending on the project’s demands, the addition may affect your normal everyday activities, especially if a wall or two need to be brought down. However, the process will not take long if you hire a professional contractor. 

If you have leftover supplies from your previous construction of the main house, you may mention this to the contractor as this may save you a good amount of money.

Rental Income Possibilities

If we are, to be honest, any extra source of income is a welcome thought for modern families. Establishing the perfect business is tough especially when you have a consuming full-time job. You may find yourself struggling to identify a suitable venture while the solution is right under your nose. 

Home additions can be excellent sources of rental income, in a number of ways. If you construct a bump-out room with a bathroom and a sleeping area, you can rent out the room to tenants and get your rental income every month. 

However, if living with tenants in your compound is too much of a comprise, you can always list the extra space on Airbnb and earn through hosting people for one or two nights. 

Benefits of Home Additions​

Home additions are meant to increase living spaces or add space to an otherwise congested room. However, there is more to enjoy. In this article, we tell you why you should consider home additions.

Improved Home Value​

A home’s value may appreciate or depreciate depending on a number of factors, however, with an additional room, there is no doubt your home’s value will increase. 

The difference between the price of a 2 bedroom and that of a 3 bedroom house, for instance, can be as high as $150,000 to $200,000 depending on the location. 

Therefore, adding an extra room will definitely attract some good money compared to your initial building cost. Whether you decide to add an extra bedroom or expand the living room’s size, buyers pay for space and the more you offer, the more they will offer in return. 

More Space Equals a Comfortable Lifestyle​

Living in a crumpled house is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. It’s difficult to keep the space organized and you cannot afford to purchase extra luxurious items. For instance, you may be stuck with your small old TV or your old school cooker because there is no room for bigger and better items. 

However, a home addition will create room for a comfortable lifestyle. You’ll be able to change your furnishings when the need arises and most importantly, keeping the space clean and organized will be much easier if there’s adequate space for everyone. 

In addition, extra space outside the house (such as a sunroom or a patio) improves the quality of life as you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors as well as get your dose of vitamin D from the sun. Such interactions with nature are highly recommended as they offer mental and spiritual benefits. 


In summary, home additions are packed with benefits. You can almost never go wrong with such an adjustment, especially if it’s done right. You just have to work with the right experts. Home additions are not cheap and neither are they extraordinarily costly. However, the cost should not be your biggest concern because the gains (whether monetary, social, or emotional) outweigh the amount invested.

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