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Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where everyone gathers. If your kitchen has seen better days, EJD Construction can transform your kitchen into one you’ll enjoy for years – all without breaking the bank in the process.

Say goodbye to outdated cabinets, dingy countertops, cramped counter space, and an unworkable floor plan. Say hello to a beautifully-designed, comfortable kitchen that will serve as the heart of your home for years to come. Call us today to schedule a free estimate and to learn more.

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5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips for the Most Used Space in the Home

Are you having a hard time performing activities in the kitchen? If you’ve answered yes, then you probably have limited space or a wrong kitchen layout. Your kitchen is one of the most important places where you will spend more time while in the house. If your kitchen space is not enough, you can hire one of the best kitchen contractors for a makeover. But, first, here are a few essential fixes to which you should give priority.

Introduction to Renovating Kitchen Cabinets

You may think your cabinets are okay, but there is more to do concerning scope. Have your cabinets to the ceiling to save maximum space. In most kitchens, there’s usually space between the top cabinet and the roof, where we place flower tops and other unnecessary items. You can replace the empty space with more cabinets to give you extra compartments for utensils and other things. You will need a few dollars for additional chambers. However, do not overdo it. Leave at least one cabinet top space for vintage items. You should also be aware of the height hustle while accessing the added compartments, but you can decide to put rarely used items in them.

Why Go With Undermount Kitchen Sinks

A kitchen sink is one of the central areas in the kitchen. Its installation will affect your movements and operations. You have to install a drain that does not cover a lot of space if your kitchen is small. Most old school kitchen layouts have top sinks that need more space. But with an undermount sink, you will have sufficient space for broader coverage of cabinet tops and an extra drawer under the sink. Although an undermount tub will cost more than a traditional one, the correct installation will leave your kitchen looking modern, trendy, and will be long-lasting.


3. Minimize the number of doors. 

Commonly, most kitchens have at least two doors, one to the sitting room and another as an exit. But you can decide to get rid of this door to create space for cabinets or a refrigerator. If you’re concerned about kitchen remodeling cost, it will be cheap since you require a few construction materials. 

If you’re considering removing the extra door to save space in your kitchen, consider using an alternative exit to the backyard. If you were using the door as a source of natural light, consider using a window instead. However, remember there might be possible shortcomings such as lack of sufficient exits in case of emergencies. Be that as it may, crises are not guaranteed, unlike the need for enough space.

Make Use of Empty Kitchen Space

Regardless of your kitchen size, you can not have cabinets covering all four walls since the kitchen will probably look stuffed up and ugly. So what to do with the empty walls? Add utensil racks instead of calendars or pictures. Hang cooking pans and pots for easier access instead of having them in cabinets. 

But you will have to paint the wall with dark colors to hide scratches resulting from constant hanging and removal of items. You will incur a few dollars buying standard S-shaped hangers that ensure your safety and convenience. Besides racks, you can still have space to hang kitchen accessories like towels. Getting the best remodeling contractors will ensure correct measurements are made and that placement of hangers is done according to your demands.

Choosing Space Saving Functional Kitchen Appliances

How about going for space-saving kitchenware? That is a vital step in kitchen remodeling. Something as simple as stove size can significantly affect space in your kitchen. Consider space-saving sliding doors instead of pull and push ones to save space. A professional will help you to identify the right materials and give you the best kitchen remodel to ensure your operations in the kitchen are effortless. Overdoing the overhaul is a common kitchen remodeling mistake; you don’t want to lose your all-time identity. Keep it as original as you can and spend wisely for necessary changes.


There are still many aspects to consider when it comes to kitchen remodeling. If you are thinking about handling the renovations on your own, consider the unnecessary kitchen remodel mistakes you are bound to make. Our professionals will work with you to ensure you have the best makeover. Remember, your kitchen is the place where the magic happens. We will make sure you have a fantastic time whenever you are in the kitchen. Contact us for an excellent and affordable makeover.

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