Shell Construction

As General Contractors, we understand the need to be able to effectively communicate between the architect and the Owner. We also understand that plans are never perfect and far from perfect in some cases. You don’t have time to deal with the unpleasantries associated with having to explain the plans and details to the shell contractor because he is not taking the time to read them thoroughly. Or even worse, having to find a creative way to provide a change order to the Owner during construction phase, because the shell contractor did not provide a timely RFI, ask the proper questions, or plainly, just not being a team player and bid the plans as is with the intention of issuing change orders in the future. All of these things as you know bring a certain level of added stress to the Owner, Architect, and you, the General Contractor, adding to an already stressful project. Some of these things could have been avoided with just communication, attention to detail, and professionalism.

We want to offer you a better, stress free option.

From the bidding stage, our proposals are very detailed thus saving you on time from having to do take offs for the shell. Our take off process analyzes the plans thoroughly and identifies inconsistencies. Inconsistencies, errors, and omissions are identified and submitted with formal RFI’s along with the initial proposals. We believe in transparency. This attribute many times wins us the project even thou we are not the least expensive.

We are fully licensed and insured. We carry a 2,000,000.00 liability and 1,000,000.00 workman’s comp. (not exemption as many shell contractors do). Our objective is to earn your long-lasting business by being a sub-contractor that you can trust and know that the shell will be built according to plans, specifications, and on time. You will see that working with us will be a breath of fresh air with our professional approach. Dealing with architects or engineers in regards to the shell will be 1 last task for you. And you can expect the level of professionalism required.

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